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Water Storage Tank Epoxy Coating

Water Storage Tank Epoxy CoatingWe highly recommend this coating for every tank, because it is the best way to prolong the life of the tank. The epoxy works by putting a watertight barrier between the water and the steel to prevent rust.

We use Sherplate PW Epoxy from Sherwin Williams on our water tanks. It is a edge retentive, ultra high solids epoxy amine coating engineered for immersion service in potable water pipes and storage tanks. The rapid return to service and high build, edge retentive properties of this coating provide superior protection.

Before each tank is coated we go through a series of steps to ensure proper bonding of the epoxy to the metal:
  • We go inside the tank and put a light sand blast on the tank.
  • We acid wash the tank which will etch the galvanizing
  • A high-powered tank washing machine is placed inside the tank to ensure all dirt and debris is removed from the tank.
  • We heat and mix the epoxy before we spray
  • We spray the inside of the tank.
  • The tank is then allowed to sit for 24 hours to cure.

Wright Tanks epoxy system is done based on the number of coats applied to the inside of the tank. 
1 coat of epoxy adds 10 years to the warranty of the tank for a total warranty of 25 years. 
2 coats of epoxy adds 20 years to the warranty of the tank for a total warranty of 35 years. 

When you order your tank please specify whether you want 1 or 2 coats.  We only coat the parts of the tank that come into contact with water. In some areas a coating is needed on the roof of the tank, due to high sulfur levels in the water. The fumes can cause rust spots in the top of an unprotected roof of a tank. This is common in areas such as: Borrego Springs and Ocotillo Wells.
(Note: There is an extra charge to coat the roof of the tank.)

It is not recommended that the coating be done after delivery. The equipment at Wright Tank allows us to install this coating in a safe manner.

Sherwin Williams - Sherplate PW Epoxy
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